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Over the last decade, messaging apps have overtaken personal communication. To us it's obvious they will profoundly change the way companies and customers interact with each other. We believe in a future where talking to your favourite brands is more like chatting with a friend and less like sending a postcard to a penpal, meanwhile craving a response. We don't want to be told when or how to contact our brands, they must be ready to attend to us anytime, anywhere, over any channel. Short messages emerge here as the best format for customer support: concise and to the point. The combination of mobile + real-time + asynchronous make it the most convenient communication channel for customers. It’s no surprise chat has an outstanding customer satisfaction ratio, 74%, compared to voice, 44%, or email, 60%. Moreover, text messages can easily be automated and data mined, allowing companies to be more efficient with their resources and improve their services faster.  

We're committed to building world-class software that enables companies to have better relationships with their customers through conversational interfaces. We began our journey in early 2016 in Barcelona, backed by an extraordinary group of investors and partners. With decades of experience in the industry, they believe in the team and the vision. So begins a journey that will accelerate the transformation of the customer service industry forever and for the better.  

We couldn’t be more excited to be part of this endeavour.

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