How To Create A Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Create Facebook Messenger Chatbot

By using the Hubtype platform you can create Facebook Messenger chatbots with AI integrations. The process is very simple and doesn't necessarily require a knowledge in coding. With our tools you will design, test, version control and hot deploy your bot in a seamless way providing the best experience to your customers. 

Building a chatbot is not as complex as you think, so lets get started!

Step #1: Creating a new Facebook chatbot

Create a Hubtype account for free and login into the dashboard. Once you are logged in, select the bots tab and click on add a bot.
From here you can name your chatbot and either choose a pre-made template to build it or start from scratch.

Creating a Facebook Messenger Chatbot
Creating a new chatbot

Step #2: Building the chatbot

Once you have created a new chatbot, you can edit the code and test the bot directly from our platform. The code is written in botSON, a JSON based programming language to create chatbots. It is a minimal but very powerful language specifically designed to build conversational interfaces so it very easy to use. You can have a look at our documentation to get started!

Building a Facebook Messenger Chatbot
Building the chatbot

Step #3: Integrating the chatbot to Facebook Messenger

As soon as your chatbot is built, you can integrate it very quickly to Facebook Messenger. First, go to the channels tab and click on add a new channel then select Facebook Messenger. If you have a Facebook page connect your bot to it by clicking on "Connect Facebook" otherwise you will have to create one by following the link and connecting it to Facebook later.  

Adding chatbot to your facebook page
Adding a chatbot to your Facebook Page

Once this is done choose to which page you want to integrate your bot and click on connect page.

Connecting the chatbot to Facebook Messenger
‍Connecting the chatbot to Facebook Messenger

Now, your chatbot is linked to Facebook Messenger but will start interacting until you publish it from the Hubtype Platform. So go back to our interface and click on publish.

Publish a chatbot in Facebook Messenger
Publishing the chatbot

That's it! Your chatbot is now ready and fully functional! As you see it is very easy to create, build and integrate a chatbot to Facebook Messenger with Hubtype!

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