Manage conversations on a helpdesk designed for messaging

Hubtype’s cloud-based helpdesk lets you handle multiple tickets at once and maximize the efficiencies messaging channels offer.
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Boost efficiency with asynchronous chat and all channels in one place

Manage queries from all your messaging channels on one interface and direct tickets to queues by query type, channel, region, and more.

Take advantage of asynchronous communication, let agents chat to 3-5 customers at the same time with multi-ticket handling and SLA indicators to keep them on track.

Quicker resolution with full context conversations

Get full conversation history within the chat, including the client’s interactions with the bot and any previous conversations.

Manage WhatsApp tickets with ease

Get the most out of WhatsApp. Leverage specialist pricing, pre-approved templates, and 24hr conversation windows on a help desk built for WhatsApp’s features.

Get the insights that drive efficiency

Get granular information by filtering metrics by query type, date range, agent, queue, team, and channel.
  • Automation metrics
  • Agent metrics
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Total cases attended
  • % of Agent handover
  • Response time
  • Total tickets resolved by bot
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Abandoment rate
  • Resolution time

Fast edits and bot building with flow builder

Do more with Hubtype Add-ons. Give your admins access to our drag-and-drop conversation builder directly from the helpdesk. Let designated users understand flows at a glance, make edits, or build them from scratch.

Drive results with Hubtype Desk


SLA compliance


Chat abandonment


First contact resolution


Customer satisfaction

Hubtype Integrates with your tech stack

Harness the power of your existing technology with pre-made or custom-built integrations for your CRM, AI, CMS or data platform.