How To Create A Live Chatbot For Your Website

Conversational Chatbots are essential for enterprise businesses to nurture relationships with customers and increase customer satisfaction, on a large scale. Customers now expect enterprise companies to provide instantaneous services online, whenever they want to contact you.

Conversational Messaging with Live Chat for Business

Most consumers prefer messaging a chatbot to communicate with a business or brand, which allows you to automate many of your common queries. Your custom chatbot can also hand over to a real human in your customer service team whenever required, allowing your agents to focus on more complex queries.

The number of chatbots used on websites and in messaging apps is growing, changing the way enterprise businesses communicate with customers.

How to Create a Live Chat Chatbot for your website

Hubtype’s framework allows you to effortlessly create a bespoke live chat bot and add it to your website. You can create a custom live chatbot from scratch or use a pre-made template to facilitate the process. This allows your customers to enjoy interactions with your business whenever they want.

With 63% indicating they prefer messaging a live chat bot to communicate with a business or brand, it’s time to join the conversational chatbot revolution.

Live Chat for Enterprise Businesses

Live chat is vital for enterprise businesses, especially for customer service, sales and marketing teams. Allowing customers to contact you via live chat allows you to share information, links and even documents immediately with your customers.
Creating a live chatbot allows you to automate a large percentage of your common tickets from customers, freeing up your live chat agents to focus on the more complex and valuable cases.Your chatbot can hand these types of conversations over to a human agent. It will then pick up again after the interaction to follow up with the customer and make sure their issue has been fully resolved. This method significantly increases customer satisfaction.

Create a Chatbot for Live Chat

Building a website chatbot with Hubtype is time-efficient and our React-based framework allows even junior developers to create live chat bots for websites! Implementing AI, natural language processing and automation with Hubtype’s framework allows you to create a powerful chatbot.Easily publish your web chat bot to any of the channels available, including your website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram and Intercom. Using the same automation on all messaging channels gives a unified brand experience for your customers.Want to build and deploy a chatbot to your website? If you’re a developer, start using our platform now or alternatively, contact us for more information.

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