How To Create A Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Since Facebook announced chatbots as the next big thing in tech, there has been a lot of hype around them, and they are quickly becoming a standard in many industries. Facebook messenger chatbots can be both very useful and versatile, enabling businesses to offer a wide range of services when setup properly.

Conversational Messaging with Facebook Messenger for Business

Conversational messaging is now the future of customer relationship management. Virtual conversational agents and CRM chatbots work together to help businesses create hyper-personal brand experiences.

This is especially exciting with Facebook Messenger where your chatbot can mix plain text, interactive elements (such as carousels, buttons, and lists) and webviews to create a rich and engaging experience that customers love.

With Hubtype, you can easily create a chatbot and get it up running in few minutes.

We offer the possibility to use pre-defined templates or start from scratch. Then you can integrate your bot to Facebook effortlessly with just a few clicks.

Create Facebook Messenger Chatbot

How to create a Facebook Chatbot

With Hubtype’s framework, you can create a custom Facebook Messenger bot with AI integrations. The process is painless, effective and doesn’t necessarily require large amounts of coding. With our tools you can design, test, version control and hot deploy your bot in a seamless way, providing the best experience to your customers.

Building a chatbot with Hubtype is not as complex as you think. We provide the framework and necessary tools and documentation to help you all the way.

The Perfect Enterprise Solution

Scale up your customer service, without added strain on your resources. Some solutions offer standard drag-and-drop services for building basic chatbots, which is great for small businesses.

Hubtype’s framework is perfect for large enterprise companies that want a bespoke solution. We help you to create powerful and intelligent solutions for your customer service, sales and marketing departments.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Integration

As soon as your chatbot is built, you can integrate it very quickly to Facebook Messenger with just a few clicks. We make it simple for you to integrate AI and natural language processing to create a powerful chatbot for Messenger.

You can also smoothly publish your chat bot to any of the other channels available with Hubtype, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram and Intercom. Offering the same automated services across all your messaging channels creates a unified brand experience for your customers.

Manage all of your multi channel messaging in one place with Hubtype Desk, a CRM system for messaging channels. Hubtype Desk integrates perfectly with your chatbot to seamlessly handle human handoff, allowing your customer service agents to enter conversations when your customers need a human touch.

Want to build and deploy a chatbot to Facebook Messenger? If you’re a developer, start using our platform now or alternatively, contact us for more information.