How To Create An Intercom Chatbot

Intercom is a popular platform, with web and in-app chat services. Its innovative approach to real-time messaging removes the constraint of chat sessions and lets agents interact with their clients in a flexible way. To improve customer experience, Intercom’s famous web chat service can now be enhanced with the use of chatbots.

Conversational Messaging with Intercom for Business

Our channel integrations with Intercom allow you to build powerful chatbots and reach your customers in a conversational way. The integrated responses through bots facilitate the exchange of information between you and your clients via the Intercom messenger, while automating the bulk of the process.

With the use of chatbots, no longer will every interaction require the attention of a human agent.

How to create an Intercom Chatbot

Creating a chatbot for intercom allows you to automate meaningful conversations with your customers. These conversations lead to happier customers, with a higher lifetime value!

Building your Intercom bot is uncomplicated, whether you’re creating a bespoke chatbot from scratch, or with the help of one of Hubtype’s pre-made templates.

After creating a new chatbot in our platform, you can customise it to your needs. The Hubtype Chatbot Editor allows you to fully customise your chatbot.

Our tools allow you to create powerful conversational flows that the user navigates by feeding in text or media. You have access to all the documentation in case you need some help to add features or modify the bot.

Intercom Chatbot Integration

Once you’ve successfully built and tested your chatbot, you can comfortably integrate it to Intercom using Hubtype’s framework. You can also connect your chatbot to other channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Twitter with a few simple clicks.

Want to build and deploy a chatbot to Intercom? If you’re a developer, start using our platform now or alternatively, contact us for more information.