How To Create A Twitter Chatbot

Twitter allows companies to communicate with customers in a concise and instant way that customers love. For this reason many people rely on Twitter for news, updates and also for solutions to their problems.

how to create a whatsapp chatbot 2021

Conversational Messaging with Twitter for Business

Conversational Chatbots on Twitter have come a long way since Tay the Twitter Bot. Chatbots on Twitter for businesses provide an even wider range of benefits for customers. Not only can chatbots immediately assist customers, but they guarantee that help is available at any time of day.

The Perfect Enterprise Solution

For large enterprises that want to scale up their customer service, without adding strain on resources, Hubtype is the perfect solution.

Standard drag-and-drop services for building basic chatbots for simple interactions are great for small businesses. However large enterprises require a bespoke chatbot solution for powerful and intelligent bots that fit their business needs perfectly.

Hubtype’s framework helps you to create powerful and intelligent enterprise-level solutions for your customer service, sales and marketing departments.

How to create a Twitter chatbot

With Hubtype you can build a chatbot and integrate it to various social media networks including Twitter!

You can fully customise your own bespoke Twitter chat bot, or use our pre-defined templates. Hubtype’s framework provides all the tools and support necessary to create a powerful chatbot for your business.

Twitter Chatbot Integration

Once you have built and tested your chatbot successfully, you can now integrate it to Twitter with just a few clicks! Integration with various messaging channels is painless and trouble-free. If you also want to connect it to other channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram, simply select them after publishing your bot!

Want to build and deploy a chatbot to Twitter? If you’re a developer, start using our platform now or alternatively, contact us for more information.

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