Hubtype is an Official WhatsApp Solution Provider

Official WhatsApp Solution Provider

Create personal relationships with your customers

Hubtype helps financial institutions transition from email, phone, and traditional channels to messaging apps with meaningful automation

Design the customer journey
Combine automation and human-agent handoff to focus on customer experience, because text-only automation does not work

Integrate your existing software stack
Include critical systems like your CRM, analytics, or backend API; securely authenticate customers

Launch on all apps at once
Build once, make changes in one place, and be present across all messaging channels your customers prefer, for consistent experiences and data

Banking Case Study

Caixabank, one of the top 3 banks in Spain with more than 15M customers, sought to reduce the total support tickets requiring human intervention and to provide a chat communication option in their mobile banking app.

Using Hubtype, Caixabank launched a chatbot incorporating carousels, buttons, AI and human agent handoff.

Three months after launching their mobile app with an embedded Hubtype-driven chat, more than 1.5M unique people inquired over 5M sessions. Top topics were regarding cards, accounts, transfers and receipts, of which 80% of queries were handled by automation.

This drastically reduced the demand on human agents and substantially decreased response wait times.


of inqueries handled by automation


chat sessions in 3 months

Businesses using Hubtype

Conversational Use Cases

Impact cost to attend, resolution time and net promoter score with conversational experiences.

While reducing friction and increasing customer satisfaction by being available where customers prefer, you can reduce the need for additional human resources with well designed automation.

Omnichannel means including where your customers spend the most time communicating: messaging.

Impact lifetime value and retention by providing consistent branding and ease of access. Integrate it with your marketing automation, databases, and CRM to see results.

Eliminate time as a factor in why deals are lost. Always-on lead collection and qualification in a customer-centric format means higher close rates and improved lifetime value.

Engage with and convert leads without forms and without more human resources.

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