Reach large audiences instantly on your customers' favorite messaging apps

With increasing competition online, it’s becoming harder than ever for marketing teams to win the attention–and loyalty–of customers. Increasing engagement at a personal level with one-on-one conversations is the new competitive differentiator for brands.

With Hubtype, omnichannel marketing at scale is made possible by combining powerful, intelligent chatbots and humans.

Increase conversion rates and drive engagement


customer lifetime value


brand advocates

Boost open rates

5x higher than email



Improve engagement

across the entire customer journey


omnichannel marketing strategy



will spend more per year on bots and chatbot creation than traditional mobile app development by 2021


Meet your customers where they are most

Automate key elements of the entire customer journey from discovery to desire, purchase, delivery, purchasing again and finally promoting. Create a personalized experience for every customer and make communicating with your brand more enjoyable.

Innovate beyond monotonous contact forms and start a conversation with your brand right away from digital ads, social media and your website. Gather and analyze customer feedback and data and continuously optimise your chatbot for the perfect experience that drives results.



would consider messaging an online chatbot to get in touch with a business or brand

Automate and scale conversations on the most popular messaging channels

Create your conversational strategy now


Integrate the tools you can’t live without

Integrate with your helpdesk or CRM, analytics and APIs you depend on to align with your current processes. Make your full software stack work together with seamless integration.

Turn customers into promoters with meaningful conversations


Drive traffic to personalized conversations on instant messaging channels and increase conversions by qualifying leads while they're hot


Cross-sell and upsell with personalized recommendations to customers and reduce shopping cart abandonment with automated conversations


Create meaningful conversations that are always on brand with decision trees and scripted messaging

Performance campaigns

Increase ROI by engaging leads in real-time conversations and boost conversions with multi-device and multi-channel coverage


Suggest the perfect content to potential customers, based on page views and CRM data to guide leads along the buying process

Competitive differentiator

Get people talking about your brand with a chatbot that entertains and delights customers, creating loyal brand ambassadors

Social media engagement

Create a truly social experience with conversational messaging on social media channels and infinitely grow your audience capacity

Data/survey collection

Collect instant feedback from customers and conduct surveys naturally with automated conversations


Share offers or promotions in instant messaging channels with up to 98% open rates, higher than any other channel



now expect you to know their contact details, product information and service history as soon as they engage and without being asked
Customer Think

Customers want to use messaging across the entire customer journey




make a general inquiry

ask about a product or service




make a purchase

schedule an appointment




get product or service support

comment about a product

The future is Conversational Apps 💪

Conversational messaging drives engagement, customer loyalty and increased revenue with a feedback-oriented approach to marketing. Automation of conversational messaging allows you to listen to your potential customer’s needs and adapt, never missing an opportunity to build value for your brand or bottom line.

Engage with your customers in a more direct and personal way than ever before. Make interactions with your brand enjoyable for all customers, on whatever channel they prefer.