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Build and deploy automation to any messaging channel. Handle a wider range of customer requests, improve resolution time, and drive satisfaction.

How does it work?

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Complex Automation

Apply complex automation experience to any messaging channel, that will then transfer all customer-interaction data to the Salesforce CRM. Distribute these conversational experiences in Webchat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, and Apple Business Chat, and many more.

Saving time and costs

Combine Salesforce’s robust service desk with cutting-edge automation on messaging channels. Fully deploy in 4 weeks. Your team can keep working without interruption or the need for extensive retraining.

Implementing a
CX-focused solution

Text is good, but visuals are better. Upgrade your customer interactions with dynamic graphics, buttons, and product carousels. Break free from the limitations of text-only chatbots and explore the vast potential of visual automation.

How it works


Easily integrate, build, and automate your customer interactions on any messaging channel you prefer.


Every interaction with your customer automatically gets synced with Salesforce. This means all customer information is centralized, allowing for easier access and deeper insight.


Enable your agents to see the customer's journey in full. When handling tickets in the Salesforce Service Cloud, agents receive all relevant information, including previous interactions with the bot.

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Tour Operators



Retailers & E-commerce



Educational Platforms



Restaurants & Bars

Improve satisfaction and efficiency without stepping out of the Salesforce ecosystem.

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Dedicated customer support
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