Engage customers, increase sales and reduce costs
with Hubtype + WhatsApp

Hubtype is an official

Business Solution Provider

With Hubtype's framework you can:

  • Build and use chatbots on Whatsapp
  • Integrate your AI database with messaging platforms
  • Integrate conversations with CRM and analytics tools
  • Integrate all messaging channels like webchat, Messenger, Twitter, and more
  • Automate up to 80% of your inquiries

Hubtype is a framework for companies to build, manage, and scale  enterprise conversational apps (not just chatbots).

Want to use automation on WhatsApp?

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Reduce Costs

Automating customer inquiries with a chatbot using AI or a decision tree can reduce demand on human agents up to 80%

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Faster wait times and the ability to meet your customers where they prefer to interact increases overall customer happiness

Increase Lifetime Value

Messaging and automation increase engagement and loyalty while assisting sales, upselling, and preventing churn