How Multiasistencia adds value to
customer service interactions?

Discover how Multiasistencia improved customer service, increased agent productivity, and achieved
exceptional quality ratings by leveraging Hubtype on WhatsApp for claim declarations and service delay inquiries.

"These initiatives improve the value perception of the customer and enable us to track our operations better. Using traditional channels, this is simply not possible. We see it as a relationship evolution with our customers."

-Jorge Fernández González

Company profile

Multiasistencia is the leading company in managing multi-risk claims for homes, businesses, and communities for insurance groups. Multiasistencia is an independent multinational group that provides outsourcing solutions (Business Process Outsourcing or “BPO”) for large corporate clients, mainly in the banking and insurance sectors.

Founded in the early 1980s, it specializes in the management and repair of claims of the home multi-risk portfolios of insurance groups. Multiasistencia is the leading independent operator in this activity in Spain, France, Portugal, and Brazil.

In 2018, Multiasistencia was bought by Allianz in an effort to reinforce its leadership position in the home and assistance markets, which also enabled Multiasistencia to improve its international development options.


Multiasistencia was looking for ways to improve the value of service given to its clients while also improving agent productivity. They recognized that their two most common use cases–claim declarations and service delay inquiries–could be significantly improved if handled through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp’s penetration in Multiasistencia’s key markets is particularly high, so it was a channel that would be adopted easily by customers. WhatsApp would also allow for faster service and more complex automation that wasn’t possible through traditional channels.



Fast Bidirectional Communication

Multiasistencia was looking for a new way of fast bidirectional communication with the customers capable of supporting rich content and advanced interactions.

Customer Adoption of New Channels

Customers were missing out on the full potential of web applications, as they limited their usage to everyday communication channels.

Ensuring GDPR Compliance

Multiasistencia needed to work with a provider that ensure GDPR requirements and the potential challenges that come with compliance.

What we did together:

Piloted customer service on WhatsApp

We helped Multiasistencia open WhatsApp as a customer service channel in a secure, GDPR-compliant way.

Call deflection

We implemented a prompt so that when customers call the contact center, they are made aware that they can be helped through WhatsApp if they prefer.

Partial claims automation

For FNOL (first notice of loss), or claim declarations, we helped Multiasistencia automatically gather all of the claim details and information so that the agents have important context prior to speaking with the customer.

Queue management

With Hubtype, agents can manage queues all from one dashboard. This makes it easier to handle inbound interactions.

Multiasistencia’s applications and processes integration

Hubtype enabled Multiasistencia to seamlessly integrate the existing processes and applications into this new channel

Why they decided to work with us?

Multiasistencia received a strong recommendation about Hubtype from their partners. We had been successfully automating use cases for them within the insurance industry, which went a long way in the decision-making process.

Multiasistencia was also impressed with our ability to make customer conversations GDPR-compliant. Hubtype allowed Multiasitencia to handle use cases on WhatsApp in a secure, compliant way.


Better management of service through direct communication to the personal claim handler

Because WhatsApp is a channel that is easy to use, Multiasitencia found that customer support was provided in a closer and more direct manner.

Customers received quicker feedback on the status of their claim handling process and they are able to communicate directly to their personal claim handler.

After adopting WhatsApp, it became easier for customers to check in earlier and more often. This way, Multiasistencia can better manage expectations and service delivery before at an early stage

Excellence in service: Multiasistencia achieves 4.7/5 quality perception on WhatsApp

“We’re working on two initiatives that wouldn’t be possible through the phone. One is sending customized videos to our customers to explain the process and set expectations in advance, and the other is letting the customer know the estimated time of arrival of the service providers. 

But more important, it also enabled a next level of proactive management replacing the old one-way SMS warnings with proactive bi-directional communications. These initiatives enormously increase the value we provide to the customer and enable us to track our operations better. Using traditional channels, this is simply not possible. We see it as a relationship evolution with our customers.”

-Jorge Fernández González

Claim handler enhancement

At the same time, automating some stages of the claims process and enhancing the claim handlers with powerful conversational tools saves time and gives them the time they need to have higher-value conversations.

15% call deflection

With the current prompt in place, Multiasistencia is able to deflect 15% of phone calls to WhatsApp. “But we think it can be raised and that’s why we are developing nudges to foster the adoption of the channel”.

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