Taking the stress and cost out of roadside assistance

Hubtype helped one of Spain’s leading insurance companies automate roadside assistance requests through WhatsApp, reduce calls by almost 50%, and increase CSAT to 9.2/10.

"The assistance program on WhatsApp is one of our best-rated services for its quality."

- Senior Customer Service Manager

Company profile

This client is one of the oldest vehicle insurers and roadside assistance companies in Spain. Currently, they manage over 500,000 insurance policies and helps with over 1.1 million insurance assistance cases a year.Its customer service team prides itself on offering high-quality, 24-hour assistance for mechanical and roadside assistance to its loyal customers.


When customers are in need of roadside assistance, they’re often already frustrated. No one likes to be stuck on the side of a highway with a flat tire or engine trouble. So when they call for help, it’s important that the experience doesn’t add to that frustration.

Before partnering with Hubtype, customers that called our client for roadside assistance were required to wait on the phone for an agent and describe the situation in great detail. They had to describe the damage to the car, try to guess their location, and share other key details to get the help they needed.

Our client recognized that this experience required a lot of customer effort and that there were a lot of opportunities for improvement.

Project objectives

Reduce case
management time

Increase customer
satisfaction scores

Create a smoother
experience from a single channel

Reduce incoming
calls by promoting


Hubtype helps enterprise companies build experiences on messaging apps, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Viber. In this case, our client chose to use WhatsApp, as it has more than 90% market penetration in Spain. 

In addition to its market penetration, WhatsApp also offers key features that make it the best fit for this use case. For example, customers can easily share photos of their vehicle damage, instead of explaining it verbally. They can also use WhatsApp’s instant location-sharing feature, which reduces handling time and increase location accuracy for assistance teams. 

Our client was also able to fully automate the related incident reports and connect customers with live agents when needed.

human agents

Unlock the full potential of FAQ automation


Call reduction


Resolve questions 5x faster


Cost reduction


Churn reduction


Cost reduction

In just one year, more than 5,000 people had already requested assistance through WhatsApp.  When an assistance service is requested digitally, it is 100% automated (from the creation of the file to the assignment of the first resources to provide assistance). This has resulted in significant cost savings.

Customer satisfaction

The focus on frictionless claims and assistance has had a huge impact on customer satisfaction. Because customers don’t have to hop between the website and phone to report incidents, cases get resolved faster and customers are more satisfied.

Reduce incoming calls

The WhatsApp chatbot was able to provide automatic answers to the most common questions and provide customers the option to choose WhatsApp. This meant that more customers were happy to go with the messaging channel, which is much more cost-effective to operate.

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