Get to 80% self-serve with next generation conversational automation

Reduce tickets and decrease costs with powerful automation that goes beyond chatbots.

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Meaningful Automation

Combine different types of automation technology to deliver CX-enhancing experiences. Conversational apps blend these technologies to go beyond chatbots and create seamless communication between your brand and customers across all messaging channels.


Focus on CX. Deploy elements that let users action requests.

Guided flows

Start simple. Build flows for your most common queries.

Multi-lingual AI

Scale and improve. Identify and serve responses with NLU.


Beyond chatbots

At Hubtype, we put the customer first through our UX-focused elements, creating engaging automated experiences at scale.

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Deliver low-friction experiences with interactive elements that let customers action common requests within messaging channels.

Flow builder

Create guided conversations with our drag-and-drop flow builder that allows clients to leverage their existing FAQs within a chat.

Rich Media

Reduce conversation time by including documents, videos, and images in your automated conversational experience.

Conversational AI

Understand user intent and scale fast by deploying AI in your conversational app that you train in one language but can deploy in +100.


The catalyst in your CS tech stack

Leverage your existing tech stack within your conversational app to build comprehensive data management and user experiences.

  • Out-of-the-box solutions with Hubtype Integrations Marketplace.
  • Endless possibilities with custom build integrations.Flexible system integrations.
  • Consume data from our REST API or get notified with webhooks.

What will you do?


Leverage learnings by integrating with your existing AI.


Get full customer and ticket details directly into your CRM.


Send user data into your analytics pipeline.


Action with integrations into logistics and service delivery technology.


Unified experiences at scale

Create one experience and deploy across all messaging channels, with Hubtype Universal Deploy. With Universal Deploy, all elements will automatically adapt to the channel, with no need for channel-by-channel edits.

  • Single deploy to render on all channels.
  • Automatic compliance to channel capabilities.
  • Seamless adaption when the channel updates.
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