Go beyond push notifications

Don't just notify—engage. Rich, in-app content helps customers take advantage of offers without ever leaving WhatsApp.

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Do more with WhatsApp messages

Campaigns use cases

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Increase selling opportunities

Grab customers’ attention and make sticking with your service the easy option.

Maximize your customer insights

Triple your response rates to surveys and learn more about your customers.

Boost the use of your self-serve options

Get ahead of customer actions and direct them to your self-serve tools.

Create real brand loyalty by engaging customers

Build real dialogue with customers that results in low churn and high referral rates.

Increase NPS and reduce tickets by anticipating issues

Actively inform or resolve issues before they occur, keeping customers happy and calls low.


More than auto-response: Maximize results with flows & graphical elements

High response rates mean you need to deliver the next steps fast. Create automated customer journeys that maximize efficiencies with easy-to-use webviews.


Keep a human touch: Offer agent handover for complex issues

Maintain excellent service levels with the option to integrate agent handover for more complex requests.

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How it works

Build your campaign

Whether it’s a service opt-in, transferring to sales, or an automated purchase flow, WhatsApp is a holistic channel that needs to be connected to your different business units. Campaigns lets you create an amazing messaging experience no matter the use case.

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How it works

Create your audience

Integrate with your current CRM or simply upload a CVS to use your existing contacts and tag them by their product, contract type, demographics, or any other category relevant to your message.

Integrate with your tech stack

Hubtype Campaign is a fluffy flexible solution that lets you build experiences on top of your existing CRM, Helpdesk, analytics, and more.