7 Signs You Need an Enterprise Chatbot Platform

Enterprise companies need to find innovative solutions if they want to streamline operations and improve customer experiences. An enterprise chatbot platform makes this possible through automation, and unlocks benefits such as scalability and personalization. So how do you know if your business needs an enterprise chatbot platform? Take a look at the seven challenges we’ve listed below. If you can relate to them, keep reading to find out how they can be solved with an enterprise chatbot platform.

1. You need to scale across markets and languages

The challenge:

As your business grows and expands, the need to serve customers in different regions and languages can become increasingly challenging.

The solution:

With seamless scalability, your business can reach a global audience by providing multilingual support and adapting to diverse market needs. An enterprise chatbot eliminates language barriers and ensures consistent customer experiences across various markets.

2. You need to go beyond text-only experiences

The challenge:

Text-only chatbots limit the user experience, making it difficult to convey complex information or engage users visually. 

The solution: Graphic user interfaces

An enterprise platform offers graphic user interfaces (GUIs) that go beyond text, incorporating visual elements, buttons, and interactive features. These GUIs simplify complex processes, for example a customer is choosing the date and time for an appointment through a text-only bot:

Bot: What date would you like to book your appointment?

Customer: July 15th

Bot: Sorry that answer is not recognized, please try again. 

Customer: 15th of July

Bot: Sorry that answer is not recognized, please try again. 

Customer: Wednesday 5th of June

Bot: Sorry that answer is not recognized, please try again. 

Customer: 5th of June 2023

Bot: Sorry that answer is not recognized, please try again…

As you can see, this interaction is both time-consuming and frustrating for the customer. With an enterprise chatbot platform, you can integrate graphic elements within your bot which allow users to carry out interactions quickly and seamlessly. Such as selecting a date and time using a calendar like  in this example below:

By overcoming the limitations of text-only bots, an enterprise chatbot provides a more intuitive and enjoyable experience for your customers, which in turn, enhances user engagement and customer satisfaction.

3. Your conversations need to be compliant with data protection regulations 

The challenge:

Data protection regulations, like GDPR, are getting stricter with the requirements on how companies handle customer data. This is in line with consumers' growing concern about how their data is stored, used and shared. All companies must comply with these regulations, which are strict and often complex.

The solution:

At Hubtype, security is our top priority. That’s why we implement robust security measures which ensure compliance with all data protection regulations. With an enterprise chatbot platform, you can be assured that your customer data will be handled safely and securely. To read more about Hubtype and data protection, here is our detailed GDPR compliance guide

Companies also have the option to self-host their conversational experiences within their own infrastructure. This gives them full control over data privacy, security, and compliance, as they can manage the infrastructure according to their company-specific requirements.

4. You need to integrate with legacy systems 

The challenge:

The technological infrastructure of many well-established companies today relies on legacy systems. A legacy system is an outdated software, program or application that is still in use, but its older technology won't allow it to interact with newer systems. These legacy systems are one of the greatest obstacles for modern companies in terms of innovation and growth.

The solution

Hubtype’s enterprise chatbot platforms solve this challenge by allowing seamless integration with legacy systems. This means that you can build on top of your company’s existing infrastructure, enabling agility and freedom to innovate, without disruption to your core systems.

5. You need better insights

The challenge:

Insightful data is crucial for companies to understand patterns in user behavior in order to improve customer experience. However, knowing what to improve and how can be challenging without comprehensive analytics.

The solution:

Hubtype’s enterprise chatbot platform gives companies detailed analytics on user conversations, including conversation duration, message frequency, response times, and user actions. These metrics help you understand how users engage with your chatbot, identify patterns in their behavior, and optimize the conversation flow to provide a better user experience.

Within the platform you can also collect and analyze performance metrics, such as user satisfaction ratings, completion rates, and drop-off points in conversations. This information allows your company to gauge the effectiveness of your chatbot and identify areas for improvement. The platform also enables you to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) and track progress over time to ensure that your chatbot is meeting your business goals.

6. You need more advanced personalization

The challenge: 

Basic personalization often falls short, with companies struggling to personalize beyond “Hi ‘contact name’.” This is not enough to create an engaging, meaningful  experience for a customer, nor to keep them loyal and returning with future custom. That’s why there is such a significant need for improvement in tailored customer interactions.

The solution:

Hubtype's solutions integrate frictionlessly with your customer data, allowing for advanced personalization. By leveraging customer insights, your company can deliver personalized recommendations, targeted promotions, and tailored support which actually move customers through the buying process effectively. Not only does this enhance the customer journey, but it also has a direct impact on increasing conversion rates.

7. You need more control 

The challenge: 

At the enterprise level, companies really need to “own” their technology. You want to avoid becoming dependent on a third party, which is why enterprise level companies often have a lot of reservations about using proprietary tech.

The solution:

Hubtype's platform allows companies to access and modify the underlying code of their conversational experiences. This level of access gives you the freedom to make fine-grained adjustments and enhancements which are inline with your business-specific needs and requirements. It also enables integration with existing systems, databases, and APIs, giving you more control over both data, and functionality.

Top tier solutions for top tier companies

If your business has noticed one, some or all of these signs, it's time to consider implementing an enterprise chatbot platform. At Hubtype we offer a comprehensive solution which solves the challenges of scalability, compliance, integration, personalization, and control. By leveraging our advanced technology, you can start creating experiences that customers love.

To see our chatbot platform solutions in action, you can book a demo with us today, and one of Hubtype’s conversational experts will be in touch to show you how it works, and answer all of your questions.