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Allianz Spain and Allianz Portugal team up with Hubtype to add WhatsApp to their omnichannel support

In response to changing consumer habits, Allianz Iberia has expanded its range of channels for support by including WhatsApp as a customer service option. This innovative project pairs meaningful automation with direct customer service. Allianz now offers even more convenience to their clients by operating where they spend most of their time--on messaging apps. 

Allianz seeks to streamline its customer service and offer simple, quick, and easy-to-understand service. “Our goal is to always keep the client at the center of our strategy, hand-in-hand with our intermediaries  ”, says Eva Orell, COO of Allianz. 

WhatsApp has already been used to attend to more than 1.5 million Allianz clients and is seen as a key tactic in a greater omnichannel strategy. The channel will grow in scope in the near future and be used to serve almost 5.5. million customers of Allianz Spain and Portugal.

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Messaging set to be the future of B2C

Messaging is playing an increasingly important role in B2C communication. It is now the preferred B2C communication method for US consumers and continues to dislodge traditional channels in Europe as well. Allianz has experienced this first hand, as they saw a 20% increase in the number of customer inquiries made via messaging channels YoY. 

Channel providers such as Facebook have recognized the growing demand for B2C messaging and are expanding the capabilities of their apps. Features such as in-chat payments already in place in India and just around the corner for Europe. As channels’ capabilities increase, so will their importance for companies and consumers alike. For now, Allianz has taken the first step in proving next-level customer service by offering the consumer more choice and flexibility. 

"For this we will provide all the necessary instruments so that the client chooses how and when they want to contact us (company and intermediaries), to facilitate communication and thus give them a more agile and excellent service" Elisabeth Borrego, Director of Customer Service.  

Allianz and Hubtype deliver meaningful automation

Allianz has delivered this with the help of Hubtype, a tech company that specializes in delivering high-quality user experiences on messaging channels through conversational apps. Hubtype is an official Facebook partner, and their technology has allowed Allianz to automate parts of the user journey on WhatsApp, without frustrating users. 

Allianz has used “bots” to great effect, letting customers solve simple queries by themselves and eliminating waiting times in many cases. Automation, in this case, lets the client access information or resolve routine queries much faster, and reduces the stress on call centers, allowing customer service staff to focus on the cases that need their attention.

“Insurance service delivery is complex, Allianz is dedicated to ensuring automation on WhatsApp improves the customer experience and helps their knowledgable staff deliver the service, quicker and to the same high standards.

Marc Cabelle, CEO & Co-Founder of Hubtype

It’s fair to say that this expansion into WhatApp is just the beginning. Allianz has laid solid foundations in a channel that will continue to grow in popularity and usability.

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