How conversational AI and digital interactions will look in 2024 and beyond

We can all agree that a lot has happened this year, don’t you think? In hopes of continuing strong into the new year, it is a perfect time to talk about future trends and challenges around next-gen digital interactions, conversational AI, and tech innovation.

And who better to talk about these topics than Marc Caballé, the CEO of Hubtype. With these 3 questions, we dive into 2024 with valuable insights:

What do you think customer expectations will be in 2024 regarding digital interactions and customer service?

In 2024, customers will expect more companies to provide communication on their preferred channels, particularly messaging and chat.

With advancements in generative AI, they'll experience enhanced customer experiences through automated systems that are more efficient and intuitive. 

Companies will need to leverage this technology to understand and remember individual customer preferences and histories, enabling highly personalized and tailored interactions in real-time. This blend of instant access, AI-driven automation, and personalized service will define customer expectations in digital conversations.

In 2024, what's the key trend and challenge you foresee in conversational AI?

Conversational AI will rapidly evolve in 2024, with generative AI offering more human-like interactions. This technology will enable more insightful and relevant responses, precisely timed to enhance customer experiences. 

However, the challenge will be ensuring data privacy and reliability in using generative AI. 

Companies will need to focus on secure, trustworthy AI implementations, guaranteeing accurate and safe handling of customer interactions, while navigating the complexities of data protection and ethical AI usage.

What is Hubtype's long-term vision beyond 2024, particularly about technological innovation and market presence?

Hubtype's vision involves leveraging generative AI to elevate customer experience significantly. We plan to enhance automation by combining advanced graphical elements with text automation powered by generative AI. 

This approach aims to automate a higher proportion of complex queries while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Additionally, we will focus on significantly improving the productivity of company agents. By integrating generative AI, agents will be able to respond in a more efficient and relevant matter to customer queries, enhancing the overall effectiveness and speed of customer service. 

This strategy will redefine customer interactions, making them more engaging, efficient, and responsive.