Hubtype adds integration with Salesforce Service Cloud

Here at Hubtype, we are proud to announce our first out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce Service Cloud. This integration will allow companies to combine Salesforce’s powerful service desk with Hubtype’s world-leading automation experiences on messaging channels.


Over the past year, we spoke with many companies that wanted use Hubtype to build better conversational experiences, but were happy with Salesforce as a CRM and helpdesk. They were not completely satisfied with Salesforce’s automation, but did not want to change their existing helpdesk technology or retrain agents.

After building some bespoke Salesforce integrations for clients, the Hubtype team decided to make an off-the-shelf solution available to the rest of our customers.

Why not use Salesforce automation?

Salesforce’s no-code chatbots are a good solution for companies that want to automate basic use cases. However, they rely mostly on text, which creates limitations for companies that want to automate more complex use cases and make messaging a more central part of their customer experience. 

Hubtype’s conversational apps, on the other hand, lean heavily on graphic elements, buttons, product carousels, and other visuals. These elements make it possible to automate more use cases and do more through messaging. 

Ultimately this means better CSAT scores, lower average handling time, and better customer experiences. 

Because messaging is becoming such a critical part of customer communication, businesses need a flexible, CX-focused solution. They also need the support that comes with partnering with automation specialists like ourselves. 

How does the Hubtype Integration work?

The Hubtype-Salesforce integration lets clients build and deploy their automation experience to any messaging channel. The system will then transfer all customer-interaction data to the Salesforce CRM.

These conversational experiences can be deployed across webchat, in-app chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, and Apple Business Chat, and other popular platforms. 

When a case is passed from a Hubtype bot to an agent, staff can handle the ticket from the Salesforce service cloud. They will receive all the relevant information about the customer’s interaction with the bot.

What does this mean for companies using Salesforce Service Cloud?

Companies using Salesforce Service cloud can now use Hubtype to offer customers seamless and intuitive customer support. They can build, integrate, and deploy chatbots that can handle a wider range of customer requests, improve resolution time, and drive satisfaction.

Our conversational apps can be fully deployed within four weeks and do not require agents to change their current processes. This means businesses reap the benefits of using automation specialists like ourselves, without the time cost of retraining agents in new systems.

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