Rogue WhatsApp Business Solution Providers Expose Businesses to Risk

The WhatsApp Business API is a powerful tool for business communication. But, access to the API isn't given to everyone. WhatsApp approves businesses for their API on a case-by-case basis. And, this needs to happen through official WhatsApp Business solution providers.

Unauthorised WhatsApp Business API Access

Working with unauthorised WhatsApp solution providers comes at great risk. It can even result in the business being banned from the platform for life.

That's a big deal. WhatsApp is now the preferred way for businesses to interact with brands. Missing out means missed revenue opportunities.

WhatsApp's requirements

Today, WhatsApp only allows certain businesses to use their business API. So far, this has been limited to large businesses.

Of course, there are companies trying to get around those rules. Some organisations are abusing WhatsApp’s guidelines.

Before we go any further, it's important to make note of a key difference. The WhatsApp business app is different from the WhatsApp Business API. You can read all about the differences between here.

Accessing the WhatsApp API (The right way)

Again, WhatsApp requires those interested in using the Business API to work with an official solution provider.

WhatsApp has selected less than 50 companies and organisations worldwideas WhatsApp Business Solution Providers. Hubtype happens to be one of them.

As an official partner, Hubtype helps enterprise businesses apply for WhatsApp’s early access program. Also, we set businesses up for success with automation. This is a key part of making WhatsApp a scaleable solution.

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Unauthorised WhatsApp Business API access

Enter the scammers. There are some third parties offering unauthorised services on WhatsApp. They offer services like bulk messaging, which are a violation of WhatsApp’s Terms of Service.

Unauthorised companies claiming to provide WhatsApp Business Solutions are common. In fact, many legitimate businesses are unknowingly working with these rogue WhatsApp solution providers. Doing so exposes themselves to great risk.  

How to check the credibility of a WhatsApp Business Solution provider

The easiest way to verify WhatsApp Business Solution Providers is to check Facebook’s official online directory.

Any company not listed in this directory is not a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. Be careful! Working with a company not listed here could result in a permanent ban.

Why is WhatsApp strict about these rules? One of WhatsApp’s priorities is to prevent and stop any violations or abuse of its service. For example, direct marketing and SPAM is not allowed on WhatsApp’s API.

WhatsApp aims to prevent abuse on their platform. For WhatsApp, it's important that people can trust the platform and rely on it to message friends and businesses.

Learn more about Hubtype, an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Consequences of using a rogue provider

Again, working with a rogue company can lead to your business account being banned.

Over 2 million unauthorised business accounts are banned on a monthly basis. So it’s imperative that you work with a Solution Provider–like Hubtype. Search for us in the official directory.

Using anything other than official WhatsApp business solution providers can result in the removal of your access to WhatsApp. It can also result in your number being permanently banned from WhatsApp.  

Actions WhatsApp may take:

  • Temporary banning or removal of your number
  • Permanent banning or removal of your number
  • Banning of your brand or company
  • Legal action

If you're working with an unauthorised third party, stop doing so immediately. Contact an official provider like Hubtype. Or, contact WhatsApp directly.

WhatsApp is not messing around. They're actively pursuing companies that claim they can send bulk messages on WhatsApp with legal action.

Their algorithms detect abusive behaviour to ban accounts. So, it's only a matter of time before rogue accounts are found.

How to report rogue WhatsApp Business Solutions providers

You can notify WhatsApp about unauthorised services through the WhatsApp app. Simply click on ‘More options’ from within the chat. Then, click on ‘Report or Block’.

Next Steps

WhatsApp is a powerful tool for large businesses. It supports meaningful conversations with customers. Businesses that use WhatsApp reduce costs. And, they do so while increasing engagement.

Unfortunately, using the platform the wrong way can do the opposite. Instead, we recommend following the advice and guidance of an authorised provider.

Working with an authorised provider will give you the support you need. They'll walk you through use cases and help you understand the best ways to use WhatsApp.

Are you an enterprise business? Contact Hubtype now to see if you’re a fit for the WhatsApp Business API early access program.

Are you currently using an unauthorised provider? Contact us. We can help.