Conversational CX platform built for modern customer demands

Decrease costs and boost NPS with Hubtype’s Conversational Customer Experience Platform

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Make customer interactions simple and intuitive with conversational CX

Hubtype’s Conversational CX Platform connects channels, conversations, and teams so that organizations can deliver better customer service, faster. Hubtype was designed for a conversational future. That’s why our conversational CX platform helps businesses

Meet customers on the channels that they already use

Deliver greater convenience with asynchronous communication

Add value with meaningful automation

Give customers freedom and simplicity with interactive graphical elements

Create a seamless handover between chatbots and human support

Integrate with existing tools for more contextual conversations

Asynchronous communication

Make your channels more convenient. Most consumers use messaging for day-to-day communication already and it allows for a greater range of automation and media sharing. Importantly, it permits asynchronous communication for the customers’ convenience.


of customers state that waiting in a call queue is the most frustrating part of a service experience*.

*Zendesk, Customer Experience Trends Report, 2020.

Meaningful automation

Use automation to enhance digital experiences, not just to increase efficiency. Meaningful automation does not rely on text-only AI, it blends traditional bot flows, AI (NLP/NLU) intent discovery, and interactive graphical elements that create low-friction customer experiences.

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of consumers find repeating and rephrasing requests for chatbots frustrating*.

*, chatbot silo survey, 2019.

Interactive graphical elements

Deliver next-level digital experiences within messaging channels. Deploying interactive graphical elements gives customers information in simple formats and allows them to take actions that would have previously only been available via company apps or websites.

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Agent handover within the same channel

Integrate smooth agent handover within your digital channels. Asking customers to channel hop can cause a lot of frustration. Keep agents efficient and customers happy with seamless agent handover.


of consumers prefer text communication to calls*.

*Avochato, consumer text service survey, 2019.

Full-context tickets

Give your agents all the information they need to resolve issues fast. Asking customers to repeat information can be hard for both agents and customers. Resolve cases quickly with full-context tickets that include details of customers’ actions with the bot.

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Integrate for a seamless conversational experience

Get more out of your existing tech stack. Hubtype’s conversational CX platform acts as the interface between customers and your business. We integrate with your systems to provide a seamless flow of information between customers and businesses.

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