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Automation That Feels Personal

FAQ Automation with ChatGPT

Set up in one language: deploy across many. Provide rapid answers on shipping, size guides, costs, and more.

Effective WhatsApp Marketing

Send tailored alerts about sales, new arrivals, and exclusive offers directly on popular messaging platforms.

Personalized Shopping Assistants

With integrated CRM, offer a shopping journey that recalls past interactions and preferences and alerts on sales.

Conversational AI Delivers More with Less

Engage, Convert, and Retain with Conversational AI

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- Recommend products that customers love.

- Increase order values and satisfaction.

Get Back Lost Carts

- Send reminders about unfinished checkouts.

- Offer deals to get them back.

Send Alerts

- Tell them about new or popular products.

- Quick alerts for hot-selling items.

Track Orders Easily

- Inform customers about where their order is.

- Answer shipping questions instantly.

Simple Returns

- Simple steps to return items.

- Handle customer claims quickly.

Visual Engagement

- Showcase products with rich images, graphics, carousel displays and interactive elements.

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