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Simplify claims processes and improve the customer experience. Let's change the conversation with conversational insurance.

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Offer customers the service they expect

Insurance buyers want clear, transparent information. They also want smooth, hassle-free interactions.

Onboard new customers

Onboarding is often a complicated journey involving labor-intensive steps that adds costs, delays, and leads to a poor customer experience. Purposeful automation on messaging apps makes for a better, faster onboarding experience.

Make process more transparent

Set up triggers and notifications to add transparency to the claims process. Keeping customers updated about their claims significantly impacts customer satisfaction.

Manage claims and renewals

Simplify the claims process and offer customers the help they need 24/7. After an accident or incident of theft, immediate service helps you alleviate customer anxiety, not add to it.

Generate leads

Hubtype helps you turn website visitors into sales. Build out a conversational experience that gives potential customers the information they need to take the next step.

Customer awareness and education

Great customer experience starts before the claim with relevant information and education. With conversational insurance, you eliminate the confusion that leads to customer service calls.

Customer feedback and reviews

Encourage customers to leave positive reviews and collect their feedback. Gathering timely feedback through messaging increases the likelihood of getting a response.

Success metrics

Achieve your KPIS

Average cost per claim

Hubtype helps reduce the cost of a claims journey by as much as 80%.

Claim cycle time

Our insurance partners resolve claims 5x faster with Hubtype compared to other methods.

Customer churn rates

We help eliminate the frustration and confusion that leads to customer churn.

Customer acquisition costs

Hubtype helps you qualify leads, saving your team valuable time and money.

Revenue per policyholder

Conversational insurance helps you cross-sell and upsell for increase revenue.

Organizational efficiency

On average, our customers decrease calls to contact centers by 50%.

Net promoter score

Conversational insurance is proven to increase NPS by 2X.

Renewal and retention

Consistent, immediate service makes for happier, loyal customers.

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We've helped some of the world’s leading insurance companies meet their customers on messaging channels. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that insurance companies face.

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