A conversational cloud platform built for enterprise

Create, deploy and manage a company-wide conversational strategy
through conversational apps

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Hubtype Technology

Build a conversational strategy
for the next decade

Our platform is the technical interface between your customers’ messaging apps and your CRM/tech stack.
Build solutions for all business units and manage the customer experience all from one place.
Save time and money by selecting adaptable foundation technology. As the demands of customers change and the needs of your different business units evolve, you will benefit from selecting a true conversational strategy technology.

UX makes the difference

Basic chatbots are now a dated concept that rarely improve the customer experience. Conversational apps remove the frustrations of text-based bots and focus on CX. These apps provide interactive elements and go beyond a simple carousel and buttons, they deliver high value components like, floating elements, web views, and more. Using these graphical elements enriches the experience for the user while improving the capacity for automation.

Hubtype Platform

Built for enterprise

Start implementing your conversational strategy with our all-in-one platform to build
meaningful and frictionless experiences.

Conversational Interface


Agent Interface

Hubtype Desk


Hubtype Babel

Business Intelligence

Hubtype Insights

Personal Adviser

Hubtype Manager


Hubtype Campaigns

Conversational Interface


Agent Interface

Hubtype Desk


Hubtype Babel

Business Intelligence

Hubtype Insights

Personal Adviser

Hubtype Manager


Hubtype Campaigns


Integrate with any CRM and current technology, develop conversational apps for any messaging channel and deploy in any business unit for any use case.


Deploy one conversational flow that renders across all channels, automate FAQs and common requests and use AI to scale globally.

Private and Secure

Build GDPR compliant bots, keep your customers data in private environments and configure your data retention policy. ISO-27001 certified (coming soon).

Let’s get conversational!

Find out how global brands are scaling their customer communication strategies
with conversational apps.

Hubtype Campaigns

Decrease churn rates and increase NPS through proactive communication
on messaging apps

Get in touch with your clients across any messaging app. Segment audiences through integration with your CRM and offer personalized advice, important information, helpful offers, or ask for feedback. These messages keep your brand front of mind at important moments in the customer lifecycle.

Why reach out to customers?

Get seen by your customers

Create new selling opportunities

Be present at the right time

53% increase in average NPS

80% Increase in engagement

70% of users find updates helpful

How it works

Initiate a conversation dialogue

Check what customers have opted into yours communications.

Segment them in a relevant way and create a conversation flow.

Hit send and start talking to your customer.

Hubtype Managers

Generate more trust and engagement by giving your top customers the personal
touch they desire

Provide personal conversations between customers and agents over any messaging channel, bringing back the human to human interaction in a 100% secure environment.

Why deliver 1:1 messaging?

Bespoke service at scale

You maintain oversight

Secure login from anywhere

Average NPS of 9

7% increase in cross-selling

How it works

Create a personal conversation

Managers simply download the app, with secure login.

Your customers should opt into the service.

Maintain visibility over offers sent and deals closed.

Hubtype Desk

Enterprise ticketing system designed for messaging and chat that lets your
agents work efficiently

The interface between your agents and your customers. When automation isn’t enough we will smoothly transition customers to your agents inbox where they can handle multiple cases at once.

Want to use your existing CRM or Helpdesk?

If you are happy with the existing ticketing system, no need to retrain your agents as Hubtype integrates with Zendesk, Salesforce, Genesyes, Intercom, and more.

Hubtype Babel

Maintain a great customer experience
while scaling with AI

When you need an AI that works for your global audience, Babel can provide you with world class Natural Language Understanding across 100 different languages.

Train your bot in



And it understands people in



What makes Babel special?

Normal AI needs to be trained for every single language it uses, but, with Babel, you are able to train the program once in your primary language and deploy it across the languages you need.

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in how Hubtype can help you build a conversational platform, get in touch!