CX innovation: WhatsApp Flows Transform Customer Experiences

Hubtype founders. Marc Caballe and Eric Marcos.

WhatsApp has realized that chat interfaces are just too limited for certain use cases, even in the GenAI era. 

Effective communication it's not just about words; it's about making those conversations count. The difference this can make for businesses is something we've seen first-hand at Hubtype, and we want to be able to share our knowledge with you.

Why does this matter? Because now, it's not just about answering questions. It's about starting meaningful conversations. And it's happening where your customers already are, turning their go-to app into a go-to experience with your business.

What is WhatsApp Flows?

WhatsApp Flows is all about unlocking end-to-end processes that are too complex to manage just with text.

This is a massive upgrade for business and enterprise communication. With Flows, your customers are able to schedule appointments, gather feedback, or even buy products, all within a single structured conversation on WhatsApp. This means you can meet your customers where they already are.

Take the example of an airline that uses the same principles as Flows to let customers book and manage flights directly through WhatsApp.

The efficiency of this system reduces overhead, increases customer satisfaction, and even opens up new revenue streams.

Conversational app for easyjet for cx and sales all through whatsapp

How Can WhatsApp Flows Impact Your Business?

Improved customer experiences, streamlined processes, and the ability to guide users through complex interactions are just some of the advantages.

By structuring communication, and deploying native, task-centric workflows, WhatsApp Flows can solve many common and complex customer experience problems. 

It's great for anything that needs a form. Like getting new leads, setting up appointments, or signing people in. You can even use it for customer support and feedback. Best of all, it makes people more likely to complete tasks, which is a win for your business.

Here's what it offers:

  • Better Customer Interaction: It’s straightforward for customers to get the information or help they need, which leads to fewer drop-offs.
  • Less Manual Work: More gets done without always needing more hands on deck.
  • Guide Users Simply: Complex tasks? They're made much easier for customers to follow.
In short, it’s about making things more efficient for both you and your customers.
Conversational flow on whatsapp by hubtype

We've been doing this in different industries for 6 years with amazing results

At Hubtype, we've been on a mission to enable advanced use cases on messaging apps since 2017. We've always believed that there's more to messaging apps than just text and AI. We envisioned a world where these apps become “super apps,” just like WeChat did in China, offering product catalogues, payments, and interactive components.

You might wonder why this matters. Well, for us, it's all about giving businesses the tools to take advantage of the potential of these super apps and build incredible experiences on top of them. Sometimes, it's been frustrating when the market doesn't quite grasp our vision. But movements like the one from WhatsApp tell us that we were right all along. 

We weren't early: we were simply ahead of the curve.

The shift from basic chatbots to sophisticated conversational apps has been pivotal in transforming CX.

Maximizing WhatsApp Flows with Hubtype

The truth is, that WhatsApp Flows just started and while it is a big innovation, it is still in its starting phases. What you can get from a technology like ours is the interactive elements that go beyond the limitations of WhatsApp Flows, thus enriching the overall experience.

We’ve been solving problems like these for over six years now, well before the industry turned its focus to them. Hubtype’s Conversational CX Platform is designed to align with WhatsApp Flows seamlessly, offering unparalleled UX design that enhances customer experience and offers businesses much-needed flexibility and scalability.

Getting Started with WhatsApp Flows?

  • Identify your business needs and customer pain points
  • Configure WhatsApp Flows to address these specifically
  • Integrate with Hubtype for that extra layer of customized, visually-rich experiences
  • Roll it out company-wide (With us, it can happen in just a few weeks).
  • The integration with your existing CRM or tech stack is smoother than you think, thanks to Hubtype’s flexible platform.

Final Thoughts

While WhatsApp Flows is an exciting development, it’s Hubtype that takes your customer engagement from functional to exceptional. 

Our platform is not just a product, but a long-term strategy designed to continually evolve and adapt to the changing landscape of customer expectations.

If you're looking to innovate beyond traditional channels and move where the industry is headed, the integration of Hubtype and WhatsApp Flows offers a compelling answer to most of your digital problems. It’s not just about being where your customers are today, but also about being prepared for where they will be tomorrow.

This is your opportunity not just to catch up, but to lead. And with Hubtype’s proven expertise and forward-looking solutions, you’ll be doing just that.

If you are looking for someone who can guide you through the process, contact our conversational strategist here.

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