Go beyond
chatbots with conversational apps

The next generation of customer engagement: frictionless and meaningful conversations throughout the entire customer journey

chatbots for websites

Paradigm shift

Talk to customers on
the channels they actually use

Customers want to inquire, book, buy, and troubleshoot problems on messaging apps, not via email or phone.



Make a general



Make a purchase



Get product or
service support

By 2023, messaging will dominate over all other customer communication channels. Businesses must adapt or run the risk of being left behind.











Customers are here

Companies are here

Customers are here

Companies are here


Be where your customers are

Conversational apps blend text and graphical interfaces. They automate simple tasks and escalate conversations to a human if necessary to ensure a high quality customer experience.
Arm your business with the conversational tools you need for long-term success.

Let’s get conversational!

Find out how global brands are scaling their customer communication strategies
with conversational apps.

Built for enterprise

All-in-one conversational platform for messaging channels

Unify all customer messaging channels into one single powerful conversational platform. Hubtype helps businesses launch their conversational strategies across all messaging apps and bridges the communication gap with their customers.

chatbots ai

Built for developers

Open source framework to build conversational chatbots

Build modern chatbots on messaging apps with our full-stack serverless framework. Allow your team to quickly develop production ready conversational apps and launch within minutes. Build multichannel conversational experiences with react at scale.

Don’t compromise on functionality
or data security

Hubtype is a flexible platform that adapts to all your customer and business needs. We integrate with all of your existing tech stack with no limitations.

Talk to sales

Integrate your CRM

Integrate AI, NLP and more

Connect analytics and other APIs

Combine bots with human agents

Why Hubtype

We are on a mission to increase the NPS of the world by powering inspirational customer communication on messaging channels through conversational apps

Reduce costs

Move to asynchronous channels.

Increase your client LTV

Reduce friction to improve satisfaction.

Stay secure and scale

Messaging apps use end-to-end encryption.

The conversational interface
for enterprise


Reduction in cost
per contact.


Reduction in cost.
Less calls.


Higher customer satisfaction.


Faster resolution


Higher engagement than email or phone.

How it works

Build a strategy for short-term wins and long-term revenue

Start fast & scale later

Set up your minimum viable automation with human handoff integrated with your tech stack.

Deploy seamlessly

One definition works in all channels. Hubtype renders it automatically depending on the channel.

Engage & Scale

Add new use cases, channels, languages and AI to the automation if needed.

Measure & Optimize

Ensure that the scale up is working properly and keep iterating for better results.

Like a good CRM, conversational apps are the foundation you need to get insights into the customer journey and build long term growth

Find out how Hubtype can help you

80% of all customer communication will be done over messaging and chat.
We help brands build and scale their conversational strategy.