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Cut costs with interactive elements

Achieve new levels of efficiency by automating more use cases and queries than ever before. Customers leverage our industry-specific portfolios of interactive elements, combined with AI and decision flows to create experiences that achieve 80% bot compliance.

Boost CSAT with amazing user experiences

Increase your CSAT and NPS scores by providing faster, more intuitive self-service with seamless agent handover when required. Provide users with a unified blend of bot and human interactions that deliver smooth experiences that result in a 2X increase in CSAT scores.

Test and scale with our professional toolkit

We offer a suite of tools and features that let you build, test and deploy both automated and agent-based journeys at scale. Whether it’s our messaging-first helpdesk, our drag and drop flow builder, or our analytics suite, you’ll have the information you need to scale.

A no-code, drag-and-drop chatbot builder that lets you automate and edit customer journeys fast.

A message-first interface for your admins and agents to manage tickets, queues, and business areas.

A customer service analytics suite built for messaging. Get rigorous information to make quick decisions that improve your CSAT scores.

Secure for businesses and customers

For our partners, security is critical. Our systems and messaging channels are both extremely secure options for any business looking to build chat-based customer service. Our chats have end-to-end encryption on messages, secure SSL Webhooks, and more. For details on our information architecture, security testing and more, contact us below.

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Level-up your tech stack

Hubtype integrates seamlessly with your tech stack, giving you all the benefits of our next-generation automation without having to change your existing technologies. We integrate with your CRM, helpdesk, Data analytics, CMS or existing AI.

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