Is your conversational CX prepared to scale?

Calculate your organization’s Conversational Customer Experience (CX) maturity level and find out how it stacks up against the competition.

Is your conversational CX prepared to scale?

Calculate your maturity level

Conversational CX maturity measures the level at which a company can serve its customers through messaging channels, the sophistication of the technology in place, and the ability to handle different use cases. 

This self-assessment is the first step brands can take to measure the current state of their Conversational CX and evaluate future readiness.

This assessment will help answer:

  • What is our current level of conversational CX maturity?
  • What is our desired level of conversational CX maturity?
  • How do we get there?
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Benchmark yourself against the competition

We’ve assessed the world’s leading enterprise-level brands to serve as a benchmark for comparison.

  • Only 13% of companies are fully-automating more than half of their customer conversations.
  • Only 25% of companies have their conversational platform integrated with the more than 1 component of their tech stack.
  • Only 37% of companies use messaging channels for more than customer support use cases (i.e. sales, marketing).
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Why it matters

Conversational CX efforts can look a bit like a game of whack-a-mole, with businesses rushing to meet their customers on new channels as they pop up. This often results in siloed technology and information, and it limits how they can scale and unify experiences.

Advancing a company’s conversational maturity involves an organizational shift— one that emphasizes messaging as a critical tool to orchestrate the customer journey. It involves planning for a future in which the majority of brand interactions happen through messaging, from discovery to post-purchase.

Brands with high conversational CX maturity levels are able to reduce the risk of disconnected conversations and handle more use cases. And as channels and use cases proliferate, having a plan in place to unify them is an absolute necessity.

Learn how you can prepare for a messaging-first future by downloading the Conversational CX Maturity Model White Paper.

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Conversational CX Maturity Model

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