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Build superior customer service automation your clients will love, on top of Salesforce

Messaging and chat are becoming the go-to communication channels.
Upgrade the best CRM and power up your messaging channels.

Text-only automation

Beyond text-only automation

Trusted by the world's most customer-centric brands

CRMs are not the best tools for automating complex use cases in messaging and chat

Salesforce can only take you so far

CRM messaging automation mainly handles simple queries like FAQs

This often leaves users frustrated with complex queries.

CRMs aren't built for messaging and chat

Which leads to slow and complex messaging setups and long time to market.

Minimal chat and messaging capabilities

CRMs may lag in adopting new trends and updates, leading to potential missed opportunities.

Limitations to being GDPR-compliant

The infrastructure of CRM communication channels lack the design to be GDPR compliant.

Salesforce without Hubtype

Salesforce + Hubtype

You can easily unlock all the benefits of messaging and chat channels

Automation that includes complex queries

Which means you can increase automation level, have more happy customers and save your budget.

Quick implementation and launch process

This means you can enjoy the results from the very beginning of our partnership without long waiting times.

We regularly update as new features emerge

Ensuring seamless integration with evolving channels while safeguarding your CRM data integrity.

GDPR compliance within messaging channels

We have the ability to securely exchange files and sensitive data in messaging channels that meet GDPR regulations.

Get the most out of your Salesforce ecosystem

Experience fast implementation and results right from the start of your project.

Boost efficiency by going beyond text-only automated experiences in messaging and chat to unlock automation of complex enquiries.

Flexible human handover. Integrate messaging & chat to your Salesforce Service Cloud, with all tickets logged in Salesforce.

Specific add-ons for messaging in chat in case you need them. Our integration package allows admins to get full visibility and analytics in Salesforce for all self-serve user actions.

Make your CRM fully conversational. Build powerful automated experiences in messaging & chat.

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You already trust Salesforce for CRM; now, let Hubtype amplify your messaging and chat capabilities.