How To Create A Telegram Chatbot

Telegram is a popular channel for businesses due to its focus on speed and security. This also means that chatbots are common on this channel. They provide various services, from games and news to customer support and product content.

In addition, Telegram allows users to buy and pay for things directly via chatbots in its messaging app. This offers massive possibilities for enterprise businesses, from customer service to e-commerce.

Conversational Messaging with Telegram for Business

Using Hubtype’s framework, you can build powerful Telegram chatbots, and even integrate artificial intelligence capabilities. With our framework, you can build, test, version control and hot deploy your bot in a seamless way providing the best experience to your customers.‍

How to create a Telegram chatbot

Create your custom Telegram chat bot according to your needs. Whether using our pre-made templates or building a bespoke chatbot, you have access to all the documentation and resources you may need with Hubtype.

Telegram chatbot Integration

Once you have built and tested your chatbot successfully, integration with Telegram is plain sailing! You can even connect your chatbot to other channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Twitter with just a few clicks.

Managing your different messaging channels is easy with Desk, Hubtype’s native CRM. Your customer service agents can easily enter conversations when your customers want to speak with a human, and your chatbot will seamlessly hand the conversation over.

Want to build and deploy a chatbot to Telegram? If you’re a developer, start using our platform now or alternatively, contact us for more information.