The Hubtype Tools Leading the Chatbot Digital Transformation

June 22, 2020 (Updated)

Conversational Messaging

The chatbot digital transformation doesn’t have to be inhuman. In fact, we believe the opposite.

At Hubtype, we help our clients create automation strategies to empower employees, not replace them. We’ve talked before about how chatbots create happier employees.

Now, let’s take a look at the Hubtype products that are leading the chatbot digital transformation.

Our philosophy: chatbots and humans are better together

To understand our products, it’s important to understand our philosophy. We aim to provide great human experiences through conversational apps. Through automation and digital transformation, we help businesses create space for humans to do more valuable work.

Chatbots field many frequently asked questions, leaving more time for skilled humans to provide stellar customer service.

The result is a team of human agents and chatbots that seamlessly work together. Of course, chatbots decrease operational cost. However, they are not just a cost-cutting tool.

In the age of automation and digital transformation, there are more ways to personalise the customer journey than ever before. Chatbots present an opportunity to do just that.

Chatbots use customer data to provide relevant and personal suggestions. They create hyper-personal experiences that increase brand loyalty and sales.

Our chatbots also meet customers on the apps they use every day. They blur the lines of where traditional brand interactions take place. They’re available when and where people prefer to chat and are built to hold authentic conversations.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about our two products. Both were born from the goal of creating great experiences between brands and their customers.

Hubtype Botonic leads the chatbot digital transformation

Botonic works to empower human agents by seamlessly picking up wherever it can solve a customer query. In many cases, Botonic handles up to 80% of support ticket volume. This eliminates the repetition often associated with a customer support role.

Botonic’s AI integrations make it a powerful tool to serve your customers. With Botonic, it’s easy to build out conversation extensions that give a multi-faceted and media-rich chat experience. Select one of our templates to get your bot running in minutes, or use our tools to build out more features.

Botonic integrates with your CRM system to give you meaningful customer insights. Thus, its value extends well beyond a customer-facing tool to give you important decision-making data.  

Hubtype Desk

Hubtype Desk is a CRM system for messaging channels. It is best for businesses who are interested in managing chat channels separately from their own CRM system.

Hubtype Desk integrates perfectly with Botonic to seamlessly handle human handoff. It consolidates conversations from messaging apps, making it easy to connect with customers on their preferred channels.  

To conclude

The chatbot digital transformation is here, and it’s making life easier for human agents. Hubtype Botonic and Hubtype Desk are the tools you need to get started. They reduce operational costs and demands on support teams and improve the overall health of organisations.

Whitepaper: A Comprehensive Guide to Conversational Apps

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