Why our HR Department is called "People First"

Before continuing on from the reflections in my first post, and to avoid putting the cart before the horse, I would like to clarify why our Human Resources department is actually named "People First."

Is it because we are a hip startup that gives cool made-up names to all departments and roles? Is it because we admire Silicon Valley culture and want to copy its coolest initiatives? Is it because we see that our direct talent competitors use creative formulas and we want to keep up? Yeah, all of the above with french fries and a latte, please and thank you. Hashtag: NO.

Like everything else at Hubtype, behind every initiative there is always a "WHY" which explains the rationale, and the People First team is no exception.

You know, before creating Hubtype our founders were salaried too, so they know what it is like to work for others. When they founded the company, they were clear that they wanted to create a working environment in which the employees felt comfortable. That goes for the culture, the colleagues, and of course the benefits.

When it comes to making decisions about people, Hubtype takes them very seriously. Before deciding what actions to take, there are meetings in place where both the founders and the People first team can study all possible variables. Nothing is done arbitrarily and nothing is left to chance, because our strength is our people, they are the heart of the business. They are the ones who, thanks to their skills, knowledge and the hours of their lives they have invested in Hubtype, make this startup succeed.

That's why all of our People First policies are put in place with one of Hubtype's main objectives in mind: to make this the best company to work for.

Of course, there are always factors that interfere: budgets, archaic legislation, bureaucracy... But if the "why" is clear, there will always be a way to find the "how" and "what". Our WHY is because we care, that's why we show that for us, People come First.

In the upcoming articles I will share the six pillars on which we have built, from scratch, the foundations of our People First department. We will delve into each of them and most importantly, learn their "why".