Make claims secure and automated

Let customers securely open claims on WhatsApp or Webchat without compromising sensitive data.

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Save on every claim


Reduction in contact center calls


Faster claims resolved


Reduction in claims costs

Effortless claim opening

Secure exchange of sensitive data

Automate claims with encrypted communication, ensuring 24/7 access without sharing data with third parties.

Integration with popular messaging apps

Traditional channels are expensive and limited. Enable claim opening via messaging apps, no calls or emails needed.

Making things clear and simple with visuals

Graphical elements and text automation combined create a fast process, ensuring a good user experience.

Automate claims like never before

See how leading insurance companies have automated their claims process

case study
How Multiasistencia adds value to customer service interactions?

Discover how Multiasistencia improved customer service and increased agent productivity.

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case study
Taking the stress and cost out of the roadside assistance

Hubtype helped one of the Spain's leading insurance companies automate roadside assistance request through WhatsApp.

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case study
More communication and less formality has a real business impact

Bankia streamlines customer support for complex loans and mortgages with WhatsApp.

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Integrate with customer preferred channels

Seamless integration with your tech stack

Easily integrate with your existing tech stack with minimal IT department involvement.

Smooth transition to human agents with chat history

Transition to human agents with chat history for a convenient customer experience.

Watch a demo to see how automation of claims works

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