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Access the WhatsApp Business API

Build and automate meaningful conversations with your customers on WhatsApp

Increase satisfaction

Reduce costs

Engage customers

Use chatbots

Increase sales

WhatsApp Business API Access with automation and chatbots with Hubtype

Build and use chatbots on WhatsApp

Integrate your AI database with messaging platforms

Integrate conversations with AI and analytics tools

Attend your customers from your existing CRM or Hubtype’s Desk portal

Easily deploy a unified customer experience across all your messaging, including Whatsapp, webchat, Messenger, Twitter, and more

Automate up to 80% of your inquiries and handle more cases with less resources

Businesses using Hubtype

With Hubtype, we have automated and made key processes more efficient. Through messaging, we aggregated APIs that hold key information and empowered our team to make quicker, effective decisions.

We are now able to operate in a faster, better, and more cost effective way.

Manuel Boggiero
Chief Digital Transformation Manager at Grupo Romeu

Hubtype has enabled our global clients to redefine how they communicate with their customers using conversational messaging and embrace a true multichannel strategy, opening up new messaging channels in a scalable way.

We’ve seen very promising results, from reduced customer support costs to higher customer satisfaction. In line with these results, we are very excited to continue developing Hubtype solutions for all our customers

Helena Guardans
CEO at Sellbytel

WhatsApp’s potential for enterprise businesses

Build and automate meaningful conversations with rich media

Conversational interfaces, using a mixture of text and rich media elements, are the future of digital interactions with customers.

Enjoy greater engagement and improve customer satisfaction with meaningful and dynamic ways to interact with your brand on WhatsApp.

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Use cases

Customer service

Respond to your customers instantly with meaningful conversations and rich-media elements. Seamlessly hand over to a support agent for more complex queries.


Increase the lifetime value of your customers with upselling, discovery and automation. Pre-qualify leads and seamlessly hand over to your sales team.


Instantly reach large audiences on a platform your customers are already comfortable using every day. Drive marketing campaigns to instant messaging conversations.

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