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Foster customer relationships through messaging channels while maintaining security and visibility.

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Companies that trust Hubtype to transform their customer experiences:

Messaging is one of the most effective ways for insurers to connect their advisors and customers. But it comes with challenges:


Advisors using messaging on their personal devices may expose customer data to security risks.


Insurers lose conversation insights and history. They also struggle with measuring SLA performance.


Messaging can lead to manual processes, information silos, and ineffective team collaboration.

How Hubtype helps

Mitigate Risks

Protect customer data as advisors access Hubtype through a secure separate application.

Unified Insights

Hubtype centralizes customer data, tracks interactions, and provides a holistic view of customer interactions.

Efficiency Amplified

With Hubtype, you can automate conversations, manage office hours, and get the insights you need to scale.

Create more moments that matter

1:1 communication with customers’ preferred agents means more opportunities to add value along the customer journey

Generate more leads

Connect interested customers to advisors at the precise moment they are ready to make a purchase.

Improve satisfaction

Let customers talk to your agents the way they prefer - asynchronously, on the channels they love.

Boost Customer CLTV

Nurture meaningful connections, and build customer relationships that drive upsells and maximize customer lifetime value (CLTV).

Unlock messaging at scale with Hubtype


Contextual handoffs

Automated flows help capture basic information so your advisors get a head start on conversations.

Mobile and desktop app

Access Hubtype Advisors from anywhere

Use the app on personal mobile devices, computers, or business devices. Conversations are encrypted and GDPR-compliant.

SLA Indicators

Meet response time targets

Hit your response time targets with SLA metrics directly in the app. See which customers have been waiting and for how long.

Roles and permissions

Stay in control of customer communication

Admins can manage access to customers and reassign them if an agent is no longer available.

Out-of-office notifications

Set office hours and holiday schedules

Advisors set their office hours in the app, keeping customers informed of their availability and offering alternative agent options when needed.


Get actionable metrics for team improvement

Understand if advisors are meeting SLA metrics like CSAT, resolved cases per hour, and average resolution time.

How it works

Advisors simply download the app to their personal devices, and customers can reach them on messaging apps they already use and love—like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.


Advisors download the Hubtype app to their own personal or business devices.


They access business conversations through a secure login.


Customers initiate conversations and are routed to their preferred agent.


Advisors receive customers’ messages directly on the Hubtype platform.

More reasons why the world’s
leading insurers choose Hubtype

Complete customer journeys

With Hubtype, customers can make payments, sign documents, and complete the customer journey without ever leaving WhatsApp. This removes friction and increases conversation rates.


Hubtype gives businesses unrivaled customization abilities. You can integrate with a wide range of systems and APIs to meet your unique requirements and future scalability needs.

Expert support

Our customers value our ability to add world-leading conversational expertise to their projects. From project managers to NLP engineers, we have the skills to bring your project to market quickly and cost-effectively.

GDPR compliance

Partnering with Hubtype helps our clients save time, minimize data breaches, and avoid penalties. GDPR is the strongest global data protection regulation, ensuring that companies meet local requirements regardless of the laws they operate under.

Official Business Solution Provider

Hubtype was one of the first companies to qualify as an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. Since then, we’ve helped insurers navigate WhatsApp's changing business policies, service features, and offerings. We’ve also been building experiences on channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, and Viber, so we know exactly which tools are best to get the conversation going.

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Not convinced?

Having worked with some of the world’s largest insurers, we understand that no two enterprises are the same. Speak to a conversational strategist about how claims automation would look within your organization.

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