Automate Insurance FAQs for happier, loyal customers

Keep up with customers–and competitors–by offering policyholders the service they expect. Deliver instant and accurate answers to customers worldwide.

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Retain more customers with FAQ automation

It costs 7-9x more for insurers to attract a new customer than to retain one. With Hubtype, insurers can reduce wait times and inconsistent service that leads to customer churn.

Resolve issues 5x faster

With automated customer query handling, you can deliver prompt responses, resolving issues without any delays, and freeing up your agents from repetitive tasks.

Automate up to 80% of customer queries

Enhance efficiency by automating a substantial portion of customer queries, and free up agents for higher-value work.

Reduce customer churn by 20%

Enhance customer satisfaction and retention by automating customer queries, reducing frustration, and minimizing wait times.

Built to handle the complex needs of global insurers

Scale FAQ automation across markets and lines of business with Hubtype’s advanced capabilities:

Contextual understanding

Understand and interpret questions accurately with advanced natural language processing (NLP).

Multilingual support

Give customers consistent and accurate information regardless of which language they speak.

Human handover

Stay in control of complex inquiries. Route customers to human agents when needed.

Companies that trust Hubtype to transform their customer experiences:

Unlock the full potential of FAQ automation


Call reduction


Resolve questions 5x faster


Cost reduction


Churn reduction

More reasons why the world’s
leading insurers choose Hubtype

Rich visual elements

Hubtype uses webviews, buttons, rich media, and other feature-rich elements to build experiences that go beyond text-only chatbots. Create intuitive experiences for shorter resolution times.


Hubtype gives businesses unrivaled customization abilities. You can integrate with a wide range of systems and APIs to meet your unique requirements and future scalability needs.

Expert support

Our customers value our ability to add world-leading conversational expertise to their projects. From project managers to NLP engineers, we have the skills to bring your project to market quickly and cost-effectively.

GDPR compliance

Partnering with Hubtype helps our clients save time, minimize data breaches, and avoid penalties. GDPR is the strongest global data protection regulation, ensuring that companies meet local requirements regardless of the laws they operate under.

Official Business Solution Provider

Hubtype was one of the first companies to qualify as an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. Since then, we’ve helped insurers navigate WhatsApp's changing business policies, service features, and offerings. We’ve also been building experiences on channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, and Viber, so we know exactly which tools are best to get the conversation going.

human agents

Not convinced?

Having worked with some of the world’s largest insurers, we understand that no two enterprises are the same. Speak to a conversational strategist about how claims automation would look within your organization.

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Need help building your business case?

You know that customers expect quick answers to simple questions. But what is the business value of meeting those expectations? In this guide, we’ll review 5 steps to build your next business case.

Taking the stress and cost out of roadside assistance

We helped one of Spain’s leading insurance companies automate roadside assistance requests through WhatsApp, reduce calls by almost 50%, and increase CSAT to 9.2/10.

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